Hannaneh Barahouei Pasandi barahoueipash@vcu.edu


I'm Hana, and welcome to my personal website! I am a research scientist and a member of LIG lab, and broadly interested in systems, computer networks, and on-device machine learning. In my Ph.D. thesis, I designed AI-driven networking communication protocols (with the emphasis on Wi-Fi protocols) that are faster, more robust to network conditions, and can intelligently converge fast to unseen network conditions and environments. My research focuses on a) Designing AI-driven MAC protocols in MU-MIMO in Wi-Fi and Massive MIMO networks, b) Building resource-constrained edge-based sensing systems that enable efficient execution on the edge-device to save network bandwidth, support real-time tasks while preserving users' data privacy in the context of video analytics, and c) Designing cross-layer protocols in the MAC layer while taking into account the Application layer requirements (e.g., VR-Aware MU-MIMO optimization). For more information on my previous please visit Projects page. Ongoing projects are temporarily removed due to anonymity requirements.

During my PhD, I worked with Dr. Tamer Nadeem at Mobile Systems & Intelligent Communication (MuSIC) Lab. I have also worked/am working in Skylark wireless, Qualcomm, LIG Lab, etc. Prior to my PhD program, I worked as research assistant in LIG lab under the supervision of Prof. Franck Rousseau and Columbia University under the supervision of Prof. Gil Zussman.

Fun facts: I have an identical twin! Her name is Haniyeh. She does research in (human) languages.

Recent News

  • Dec 2021: I will be presenting our paper "Learning-driven MU-MIMO Grouping for Multi-User Multimedia Applications Over Commodity WiFi" in ACM ViSNEXT'21 CoNEXT'21. You can find the paper here.
  • Dec 2021: I am co-chairing Student Workshop at CoNEXT'21 with amazing Lars Wolf and Gareth Tyson.
  • Dec 2021: I am moderating the panel on "How to overcome the common hurdles in an early stage of one's research career?" at Student Workshop at CoNEXT'21 with amazing panelists: Jennifer Rexford (Princeton), Maria Apostolaki (Princeton), Tingjun Chen (Duke), Aaron Ding (TU Delft), Behnaz Arzani (Microsoft), Rachee Singh (Microsoft).
  • Dec 2021: I have organized the N2Women meeting on "WOMEN TRANSFORM STEM: Past, Present, Future." at at CoNEXT 2021.
  • Nov 2021: Humbled to be selected as the "Rising Star" in Women in Tech by rvaTech.
  • Oct 2021: our paper "A cross-layer approach for supporting real-time multi-user video streaming over WLANs" has been accepted to ACM MobiCom 2021.
  • Aug 2021: our paper "Improving Per-title Encoding for HTTP Adaptive Streaming by Utilizing Video Super-resolution" has been accepted to VCIP 2021.
  • June 2021: I am co-organizing the 1st Student in MobiSys (SMS) Workshop co-located with ACM MobiSys'21 on June 24th. If you are around drop by! RSVP Here.
  • June 2021: I will be presenting our system "LATTE: Online MU-MIMO Grouping for Video Streaming Over Commodity WiFi" in ACM MobiSys'21. You can find the paper here.
  • April 2021: Gave a seminar talk on my PhD project "Towards A Learning-Based Framework For Self-Driving Networking Protocols".
  • April 2021: Honored to win the Honorable Mention of the 2021 NCWIT Collegiate Award! You can watch my talk here.
  • March 2021: I'm co-chairing the ACM S3 Workshop co-located with MobiCom 2021 scheduled to be held in New Orleans, United States.
  • Dec 2020: Selected as one of the finalists for the 2021 NCWIT Collegiate Award.
  • Dec 2020: Serving as TPC for SmartEdge 2021 Workshop.
  • Sept 2020: I will be serving on a shadow PC for the EuroSys 2021.
  • I'm serving as the publicity chair at HDR-NETs Workshop in conjugation with IEEE ICNP 2020 scheduled to be held in Madrid, Spain.
  • Our paper "CONVINCE: Collaborative Cross-Camera Video Analytics at the Edge" is nominated for the Best WiP Paper in IEEE PerCom'20 Conference.
  • Our papers "Unboxing MAC Protocol Design Optimization Using Deep Learning" and "CONVINCE: Collaborative Cross-Camera Video Analytics at the Edge" are accepted to IEEE PerCom'20 Conference.